Privacy Policy

Welcome to iWEECARE website and thank you for choosing our products. Here we declare that your personal privacy is respected in this privacy protection policy and is protected in accordance with related laws and regulations. This policy describes what information we collect and how it is used and protected in order to provide you a comfortable environment when you browse our website or use our products and related services.

1.The policy regarding what kinds of information we collect.

We collect the content and other information you provide when you use our products and related services including when you participate online activities or online survey and register to become our member. This can include information in or about the content you provide such as your name, identification card number, address, telephone number, email and other related information. We also collect information from or about the computers, phones, or other devices where you install or access our services. These device information includes but is not limited to the information such as the data automatically generated by the server when you surf or search the Internet, browser type, IP address, the duration of your online activities, and the content you view. We will not and are unable to use the information to personally identify you except for your consent. Additionally, based on the permission you have granted, the information is stored in the cloud services that we provide. Unless you give us permission, the information stored in our cloud services will not be used to personally identify you. Please note that it is likely that your personal information is collected via third-party websites which are linked to our website. The third-party websites have their own privacy protection policy regarding the information which you agree to disclose to them. Our website's privacy protection policy cannot be applied to the third-party websites.

2.The policy regarding how we use this information.

The personal information collected from our official website or from our products and services is used in accordance with the purpose that does not go beyond the purpose of collection. We use this information to provide health management services such as health consultation to you. We also use the information we have for the following purposes, including but not limited to, respond to you when you contact us, send you market communications, and communicate with you about our products and services. We conduct business and market analysis based on the information we have about you to evaluate and improve our products and services. The information collected by us about you will not be used for the purpose that goes beyond the purpose of collection and will not arbitrarily be disclosed to other third-party partners.

3.The policy regarding sharing personal information with third parties.

Your personal information will not be disclosed to other parties via sale, swap, rent or other approaches expect for the following three circumstances in which your information may be shared with third parties: (1) your prior consent or authorization is granted. (2) the requests of judicial body or other authorities under due process. (3) for the purpose of providing you services or preferential programs which are jointly offered by third-party service providers with whom we share information. We will provide sufficient information and notification on iweecare official website. You can choose whether to accept the services or preferences at will.

4.The policy regarding business communications or emails sent by iweecare.

The business communications or emails sent by us to you may contain services or activities of third-party companies in order to improve our services. Under such circumstances, we will provide sufficient notifications to you and you can choose whether to join the services or activities of third-party companies at will. If you choose to join, your information we have is assured not to be disclosed to the third-party companies. Business communications or emails will be sent to you only if your permission is given to us beforehand. The name of iweecare is stated in the communications or emails to let you know they are sent by us. The approach, notification, or link will be provided in the communications or emails to enable you to cancel the subscription of business communications or emails sent by us at any moment.

5.The measurements of self-protection.

Please ensure your personal information, CA authentication, or password is securely kept. Do not disclose your personal information, especially your password, to anyone or any institution. Please remember to log out from our website after you finish using services provided by our products. Please also remember to close the window of the browser if you share the computer with others or use the public computer to prevent others from reading your personal information or emails.