Temp Pal<sup>®</sup>
Introducing Temp Pal®
CE medical device certified
Your Thermo Guardian Angel
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Temp Pal® is Designed for real life and your family needs: Wireless thermometer and smart-app, tracks fever and Basal Body Temperature.

Planning to have children? Using smart FAM(Fertility Awareness Method) tracking and recording Basal Body Temperature stress free!

Charting your ovulation is one of the most important steps you can take to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Geting up early at the same time every single day, long period observation and recordings can be so stressful. Temp Pal® records your temperature with accuracy make charting the right moment without stress.

The best solution to help parents monitoring their child's fever continuously. The smart way to measure temperature with ease.

Any parent who has stayed up with a feverish child can see the genius of a wearable, wireless, continuously monitoring thermometer with instant fever alerts. No more waking up family patient in the middle of the night. Temp Pal® delivers real-time temperature and fever alert through cloud service. No more sleepless nights!


A real life solution for age 0 to 99.

Temp Pal® is more than just a smart thermometer. It’s a health tracking solution that makes managing everyday life easier. Alerts, data logs, and monitoring help you and your family stay healthy.

How Temp Pal® works

Just place Temp Pal® in the armpit, and it will automatically measure body temperature continuously, send the readings to smart device via bluetooth, and upload health data to the cloud.

Group Cloud Monitoring

Through our cloud service, you will have remote and real-time access to your family's health data and historical logs. You can also share any of the info with your healthcare providers for professional advice. That is, both parents and other caregivers can view the condition of multiple children at the same time.

Clous Service I Cloud Monitoring Clous Service I Cloud Monitoring

Temp Pal® is the Miniature & Flexible Technology

Engineered with a patent pending “miniature & flexible technology: it makes Temp Pal® Seamlessly comfortable to wear during sleep and also for your family during monitoring their temperature. Log precise temperature measurements easily and view it on the user friendly app.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Local Data Storage

Pairing Temp Pal® with a smart device is quick and simple. Temp Pal® automatically searches for and connects to your device within seconds; auto rescan keeps you connected. Even if temporarily disconnected, Temp Pal® continues to store data locally and keeps trying to reconnect. Moreover, data can be easily retrieved from the cloud if the device is lost or changed.

Easy-to-Use App

Temp Pal® application is intuitive and displays real-time temperature reading and historical temperature data. The app alerts you when temperature moves beyond a customizable threshold.

Reusable, Rechargeable

  • Typically runs for more than 36 hours on a single charge
  • Fully recharges in just 2 hours
  • Designed for continuous, long-term use.

Health Tracking for Real Life

Never Miss a Dose

The Temp Pal® app allows you to keep track of your medication and alerts you when it’s time to take your meds.

Secure Health History

Temp Pal® stores historical health data in the cloud, and allows users to securely access their encrypted health history. You can keep a profile for each member of your family: add new temperature data, record symptoms, medications taken, and key health events (e.g. vaccinations, physicals, etc.), and share the data with your healthcare provider. With Temp pal®, you can keep an ongoing health history for each member of your family in a secure, but easily accessible place.

Temperature Alert

Receive instant notifications if the temperature reaches high/low threshold.