Family Planning

Emily and Joe is a lovely couple in a stable relationship. They would like to move forward to the next stage – being a parent. After several months trying, they decided to be more efficient. - Using a Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Chart to see when is the most fertile moment.

BBT Chart

However, it is difficult to build BBT Chart since it would take several months of accumulating body temperature data. Everyday, 5am….Emily is suffering from getting up early and always nervous of missing any data she took. She undergoes depression from measuring basal body temperature. She didn’t sleep well and it really impacts her daily life.

Temp Pal™ Works!

Knowing Emily is going through a stressful time for this charting period. Joe found a way to make it easier for her. Meet Temp Pal™ - it is the smartest way to measure temperature in the world. Using Tamp Pal with its application. Emily can record her Basal Body Temperature without sleep interuption before wakes up. They now know when is the best moment!

Expecting Babies

They are looking forward to seeing their babies in the coming months. Yes, they are twins. Two lovely girls are coming.

New Arrival!

With Temp Pal™ , the only thing you need to expect now, is the right moment!

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