New Parents

Emily and Joe have survived a 9 months of pregnancy
and begins life with twin babies.

Temp Pal™ - Smart Thermometer Patch

Temp Pal™ helped the most nervous first-timer parents feel confident about caring for a newborn in no time. Differ from typical way of temperature measurement, young parents won’t need to wake up babies in the middle of the night.

Quality Slumber

See how Twins were never interrupted while sleeping. They grew well and get well better from fever with quality slumbers.

Cloud Monitor

Emily and Joe are monitoring twins’ temperature when they are busy working. Through cloud monitoring Temp Pal can keep up with fever watch while mum and dad are working elsewhere. Getting a real time alert and instant messages when fevers are up or down is a great help for them.

Peace of mind !

With Temp Pal™’s support, Emily and Joe can be sure to relax
with a peace of mind.

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