Temp Pal® is CE medical device certified, an innovated soft, wearable thermometer that continuously measure temperature and wirelessly sending temperature readings to a smartphone or tablet. Unlike traditional method it is tiny and flexible, child-friendly and does its job while the patient is sleeping.

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1˚Tiny and Light

Mini size, light and easy to use, exquisite workmanship, feel comfortable Detailed dimensions: 28 mm * 26 mm * 3.5 mm (Length * Width * Thickness) Slightly larger than a dollar coin, weighs only: 3 g, only 1/3 of a dollar coin weight


Using medical-grade Composite TPE material and adopting 3M adhesive medical tape from the US. It is soft ,skin -friendly breathable hypoallergenic, adaptable to body curve bonding the skin comfortably.


Verify and approved by the United State and European thermometer standards. Provides accurate temperature measurements with the accuracy of +/- 0.05 ˚C

4˚Smart Wearable

Using Temp Pal® solution with cloud database services through Bluetooth and your mobile device connecting wirelessly, you can now access real time temperature data and react on real time alert. With One to One and many to many real-time temperature data sharing makes monitoring easier for caretaker on patients or family members.


Verified ISO 10993 biocompatible-proof, Temp Pal® does not cause irritation, allergies and it is non-toxic. Medical grade stainless steel forming technology, waterproof and sweat-proof. Continuous use will not be hot to skin. It is safe and worry-free.

Smart Thermometer Patch

Oval Shell Charger

Comfy no-allergy

Like chewing gum size, lighter and thinner, no allergies. Medical-grade TPE soft material comfortable to body skin..

Highly accurate

Medical grade stainless steel, accuracy +/- 0.05, proper for measuring basal body temperature


Charging and store up to 36hours at a time. Easy to tell with light indication for Battery status

Cloud monitoring sharing

Any set of temperature warnings will alerts your mobile deice immediately, whether you are monitoring many children or multiple parents who are also at the same time receiving those immediate information.

High/low temperature alert

When body temperature reached a high fever state it immediately send out alarm message to caretaker so that you won’t need to wake up patients constantly. Easy setting of high and low temperature for your need.

Top grade seamless waterproof

Medical grade TPE material forming, with medical-grade stainless steel, anti-sweat, waterproof

Continuous BBT recording

Never miss Basic Body Temperature(BBT) measurement data, you can relax in your sleep, even when connections are off the body temperature records are well preserved.

Pregnancy planning data

Cloud storage of your body temperature data, simply just a click on output of ovulation period, easy preview at a glance.

Conveniently helps quality sleep

Recording and monitoring body temperature are no longer troublesome, with available networks, you can monitor your child’s temperature any time any where even at work or taking a nap with ease.

Quick Start Steps

Temp Pal® work flow


Product Name Temp Pal® Premium
Product description Length:28mm, Width:26mm, Thickness:3.5mm, Weight:3g
Anti-Allergy Contact 3M Double Sided Medical Adhesive SUS304 stainless steel medical grade
Measurement Range 89.6-107.6˚F(32-42˚C)
Accuracy Verified ISO 80601-2-56 / ASTM E1112-2000 Clinical Thermometer Standard 0.09°F(±0.05°C)
Measuring placement Armpit
Response Time Temperature sensing every 10s(or 30s, 60s depending on selected mode). Once applied to the armpit, Temp Pal® require up to 5 minutes to reach stable reading
Communication Range Up to 15 feet (up to 5 meters) when applied to armpit
Power Source Rechargeable battery: Charging time:2.5 Hours, Operating Time:up to 36 Hours
Water and Dust Resistance IP34,Protected from water spray from any direction
Reference to Standards CE medical device certified,GMP,EN 12470-4,IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-2,IEC60601-6, IEC60601-11, ISO 14971,IEC / EN 62366,IEC / EN 62366, ISO 10993-1,-5,-10
Compatible Devices Smart phone, Tablet with Bluetooth® version4.0 running Apple® operating system IOS8.0 or later or Android™ operating system 5.0 or later

One-Year Limited Warranty

Covered with one million USD global product liability insurance